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Pear-shaped locking carabiner with unidirectional positioning bar

Cross-loading carabiners are a thing of the past with the ATTACHE BAR. When used with the removable BAR, the pear-shaped ATTACHE carabiner is a versatile tool. It becomes a unidirectional carabiner, oriented to load the major axis and maximizing ease of use when belaying or using ropes for glacier travel. It has an H-frame to keep the weight low and the round-stock basket creates a smooth surface for the rope to run over, for easier belaying with the VERSO, REVERSO, or a Munter hitch.

Detailed description

  • Unidirectional ATTACHE carabiner with BAR:
    - Removable BAR orients the carabiner to load the major axis for ease when belaying or using ropes for glacier travel
    - BAR cannot be closed if the gate is not fully locked, limiting the risk of user error
    - Carabiner gate cannot be accidentally unlocked when BAR is installed in the closed position
  • ATTACHE carabiner without BAR:
    - Round-stock basket provides a smooth surface for the rope to run over when belaying with a Munter hitch, VERSO, or REVERSO
    - Partial H-frame optimizes the strength-to-weight ratio
    - Pear-shape design is versatile for climbing and mountaineering
  • Easy to use:
    - SCREW-LOCK locking system provides good handling and effective locking
    - Keylock system and smooth nose help prevent the carabiner from snagging during use
    - Easy to use when wearing mountaineering gloves


  • Material(s): Aluminum, nylon
  • Certification(s): CE EN 12275 type H, UIAA


SKUs M038CA00
Weight 63 g
Locking system SCREW-LOCK
Color(s) GRAY
Major axis strength 21 kN
Minor axis strength 7 kN
Open gate strength 6 kN
Gate opening 23 mm
Guarantee 3 years
Inner Pack Count 1