Petzl - COEUR PULSE 12 mm

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Removable anchor with locking function

The COEUR PULSE 12 mm is a removable, high-quality stainless steel anchor that can be installed and removed for reuse very simply and rapidly, without tools. The locking function limits the risk of accidental removal. The COEUR hanger can rotate once installed or when laterally loaded during use, allowing it to better align with the systems in place.

Detailed description

  • Easy to use:
    - Quick and simple to install and remove without tools, so it can be reused
    - Locking function limits the risk of accidental removal
    - The locking knob is easy to handle, even with gloves
    - COEUR hanger can rotate for better alignment when the anchor is being installed or when it is laterally loaded during use
  • Easy to clip:
    - Wide, ergonomic hanger opening makes it easier to clip a carabiner
    - Hanger opening is wide enough to accommodate two carabiners at the same time
  • Thickness and rounded edges of the COEUR hanger help reduce wear on carabiners

    Note: For optimal use of the anchor, the drilled hole must be perfectly cylindrical. To achieve this, opt for a drill bit with four cutting edges.


  • Material(s): Stainless steel, plastic
  • Certification(s): CE EN 795 B, CE EN 959, UKCA, TS 16415


SKUs G037BA00
Diameter 12 mm
Weight 140 g
Drilling depth 6,5 cm
Drilling diameter 12 mm
Shear strength in 50 MPa concrete 25 kN
Pull-out strength in concrete 50 MPa 20 kN
Shear strength in 25 MPa concrete 25 kN
Pull-out strength in concrete 25 MPa 20 kN
Guarantee 3 years
Inner Pack Count 1