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Vertical lifeline for protection against falls with ASAP LOCK mobile fall arrester

ASAP LOCK VERTICAL LIFELINE is a temporary vertical lifeline designed for belaying and to protect against falls from height. It contains an ASAP LOCK mobile fall arrester with locking function, an ASAP’SORBER energy absorber, two OK TRIACT-LOCK carabiners, an ANNEAU open sling, an AXIS 11 mm rope with sewn termination, a weight, and a BUCKET bag. It is available in two lengths.

Detailed description

  • Simple to use, and effective:
    - ASAP LOCK mobile fall arrester moves up or down the rope without any manual manipulation of the device. The integrated locking function allows the user to immobilize the device in order to reduce potential fall distance
    - pre-assembled kit for a system that is ready to use and that limits the risk of assembly error
    - weight that facilitates rope glide in the ASAP LOCK on the first few meters
    - BUCKET bag allows the kit to be stored and its contents identified
  • Vertical lifeline contents:
    - an ASAP LOCK mobile fall arrester
    - a 40-cm ASAP’SORBER energy absorber
    - two OK TRIACT-LOCK carabiners
    - an ANNEAU 150 cm open loop sling
    - an AXIS 11 mm rope with a sewn termination
    - a 400 g weight
    - a 25-liter BUCKET bag
  • Available in two rope lengths (10 and 20 meters)


SKUs K092AA00 K092AA01
Length 10 m 20 m
Weight 2455 g 3255 g
Guarantee 3 years 3 years
Inner pack count 1 1