DMM - Halfnuts

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Single wire lightweight nuts that increase your protection options.
Halfnuts excel in shallow placements, pin scars and situations where every gram counts.

Product Name Product Code Colour Dimensions Weight Strength Certification
Halfnut 1 A1671A Purple 6.7 x 7.2mm 10g 4kN EN12270:2013
Halfnut 2 A1672A Green 8.2 x 7.9mm 10g 4kN EN12270:2013
Halfnut 3 A1673A Silver 9.4 x 8.9mm 15g 6kN EN12270:2013
Halfnut 4 A1674A Gold 11.0 x 9.9mm 16g 6kN EN12270:2013
Halfnut 5 A1675A Blue 13.2 x 11.3mm 18g 6kN EN12270:2013
Halfnut 6 A1676A Red 15.6 x 12.8mm 21g 6kN EN12270:2013
Halfnut 7 A1677A Grey 18.9 x 14.3mm 22g 6kN EN12270:2013
Halfnut Set 1-7 A1671/77A Assorted 6.7-18.9mm 127g 4-6kN EN12270:2013